Error upgrading to ForestDB on iOS

Across multiple devices I get the following error when trying to update the database to ForestDB…

21:17:29.203| WARNING: CBLDatabase: No pending attachment for digest sha1-QCNVlhAaGwhfSTzgDMtRR+Ne0KQ=
21:17:29.204| WARNING: Upgrade failed: status 491

Is there a way to fix this?

have you tried this method?

What way are you referring to?

I started looking at that issue, and further down you’ll notice a commit that enables doing the upgrade when you set CBLManager.upgradeStorage. That property has since been removed, and as far as I can tell from the headers if you call:

CBLDatabaseOptions *options = [[CBLDatabaseOptions alloc] init];
options.storageType = kCBLForestDBStorage;

CBLDatabase *database = [manager openDatabaseNamed:named withOptions:options error:&error];

Then it does the upgrade automatically, except it is failing.