ERROR: Unsupported Ubuntu Version "16.04"

I just tried to upgrade my sync_gateway to 1.3.0-274 but got the error ERROR: Unsupported Ubuntu Version "16.04". It was working before I upgraded, on a slightly older version of the sync gateway. Is there a way to get it to install?

@nick-couchbase I take it you’re using a package manager?

If you go to the direct download site (here), you can get a copy of the installation package. Ubuntu uses the Debian format.

There really isn’t that much to Sync Gateway in terms of installation. I’d trying backing up a copy of what you have and seeing if there’s a “force” install option on the package manager. Or, you can unpack the archive and the inner data.tar.xz to get what you need. This site explains how:

I just ran it on my SUSE Linux with no problem. Ping back if you have trouble.

The Sync Gateway 1.3.0 service install script wasn’t compatible w/ Ubuntu 16.04. This has been fixed in Sync Gateway 1.3.1 - it’s issue #2046 in the release notes.