Error replicating vbucket . Please see logs for details

Hi All,
i am keep getting this error message when i am running the replication for “beer-sample” with Elsaticsearch, “Error replicating vbucket . Please see logs for details.”

i am running : couchbase version Version: 3.0.2-1603 Enterprise Edition (build-1603) and Elasticsearch version “number”: “1.4.4”

hope if i can get any help

Hi Bashar, There are couple reasons why you will see this messages -

  • This is expected when ElasticSearch cluster is busy and this is how ElasticSearch cluster tells Couchbase that it’s too busy, without incurring any additional load. To avoid seeing this error message you can dial down number of replication streams from Couchbase to ElasticSearch
  • In other cases where on Couchbase cluster if there is any topology changes you will see this error messages.

In both cases replication does recovers back.

Hope this helps!

Anil Kumar

Hi Anil,
thanks for your updates, i already re installed couchbase 3.0.3 and ES 1.3.9 to make sure the versions are compatible, i installed the plug-in 2.0 successfully but when i am starting the template configuration by ruining this command
curl -X PUT http://localhost:9200/_template/couchbase \ -d @plugins/transport-couchbase/couchbase_template.json

i am getting the below error message:
Warning: Couldn’t read data from file
Warning: “plugins/transport-couchbase/couchbase_template.json”, this makes an
Warning: empty POST.
{“error”:"ElasticsearchParseException[Failed to derive xcontent from org.elastic
search.common.bytes.BytesArray@0]",“status”:400}curl: (6) Could not resolve host
*: *

i have this json file under "plugins\transport-couchbase"
i tried to continue to configure the replication but i get this error message:
Attention - Got HTTP status 500 from REST call get to Body was: “\n\n<meta http-equiv=“Content-Type” co”

i really get confused i spent around one month in the same issue, hope if you can advise.

Hi @davido, Can you please help answer this question. Thanks!

Hi kindly any updates