Elasticsearch Errors

Using couchbase 3.0.2 and 3.0.3
Tested with Elasticsearch 1.4.4 and 1.5.2
Using plugin version 2.0
No custom anything - pure as guide.

After setting everything up everything is fine, documents get updated and indexed on elasticserach, but after a few hours i start seeing messages like this in couchbase admin console:
2015-05-13 14:09:06 [Vb Rep] Error replicating vbucket 987. Please see logs for details.

The corresponding log is filled with:
[xdcr:error,2015-05-13T8:49:45.648,ns_1@<0.32296.7868>:xdc_vbucket_rep:terminate:487]Replication (CAPI mode) f4268e62702130298bf87f17cc481219/horescon_music/horescon_music (horescon_music/383 -> http://*****@ failed: {child_died,

Im not sure when this happens, but i have a feeling its the first following upsert or delete that starts these issues.
Any suggestions?

@davido Is this something you can help with?

@Lennartos This is actually a bug in the internal operation counter within the plugin. It’s been fixed in the next version (2.1), which isn’t officially released yet, but you can get a snapshot and see if it solves the problem for you. You can find it here: https://github.com/Branor/elasticsearch-transport-couchbase/releases/tag/v2.1.0-SNAPSHOT

V 2.10 did the trick
Since 2.0 is for all intends and purposes broken beyond simple initial tests, you should really update the official download link with 2.1

Had same problem, 2.1 fixed it.
This is kinda a big deal.
Hope stable release of 2.1 comes out soon.

As a side note it stinks that there are breaking changes for .yml settings.
But at least it makes sense.

Have some evidence that 2.1 did not fix, still having intermittent issues even with 2.1.
Recreating replication fixes temporarily.

Getting similar child_died errors on XDCR side - but on _revs_diff:
[xdcr:error,2015-06-10T20:44:51.623,ns_1@<0.13072.75>:xdc_vbucket_rep:terminate:487]Replication (CAPI mode)2f1ae96b8df73f9fab3378668481243a/TestClient_userCall/tethr_call(TestClient_userCall/721->http://*****@ failed: {child_died, {'EXIT',<0.13057.75>, {http_request_failed,"POST", "http://Administrator:*****@", {error,{code,503}}}}}

Getting this error 1000 times a second on elastic side:
[2015-06-12 02:09:38,755][ERROR][transport.couchbase.capi ] [tethr] Too many concurrent requests. _bulk_docs requests: 0, _revs_diff requests: 1024, Max configured: 1024

But I have a server thats been running it for a while to and its been working fine.