Error code 12008 after query execution


while performing a n1ql query from cbq or from my java program I receive the kind of error written on title, can someone help me to figure out?

Query i perform from Java an cbq

SELECT * FROM default WHERE CONTAINS(adv_location, ‘Milano, MI, Italia’)=true AND CONTAINS(adv_job,‘Developer’)=true;

Error message I receive sometime from both

“errors”: [
“code”: 12008,
“msg”: “Error performing bulk get operation - cause: {3 errors, starting with WSASend tcp Connessione in corso interrotta forzatamente dall’host remoto}”

CONTAINS isn’t a supported predicate in N1QL. You’ll get “Syntax Error” for that.
What’s the ACTUAL query you’re sending to N1QL?

I found ‘CONTAINS’ function here:

Hi @alej, My fault. CONTAINS is indeed supported.

Which version of Couchbase and SDK are you using?
If you’re using 4.5, can you tray on the query workbench?

What happens when you simply issue: SELECT 1;
There may be some installation/firewall issue.


my Couchbase version is 4.0.0-4051 (Community Edition) and I’m using the Java SDK 2.3.1.

When I perform ‘SELECT 1;’ on cbq I got the following result:

Query result

“requestID”: “470babf2-c6c8-4576-a43a-4766dde044c0”,
“signature”: {
"$1": “number”
“results”: [
"$1": 1
“status”: “success”,
“metrics”: {
“elapsedTime”: “1.0008ms”,
“executionTime”: “1.0008ms”,
“resultCount”: 1,
“resultSize”: 31

Please upgrade to a newer version.

Hi, I have same Error code too. What can i do ? (I also use the last version of Couchbase)

I checked everything and but i could not solve. (created some GSI)

Query as below:

SELECT metauser.username
 ,case when metauser.worktype is not null then
                        case when 0 then "Tam Zamanli"
                             when 1 then "Part Time"
                      END worktype
 ,case when metauser.workdays is not null then
                        case when 1 then "Pazartesi"
                             when 2 then "Pazartesi, Sali"
                             when 8 then "Pazartesi, Sali, Carsamba"
                             when 16 then "Pazartesi, Sali, Carsamba, Persembe"
                             when 32 then "Pazartesi, Sali, Carsamba, Persembe, Cuma"
                             when 64 then "Pazartesi, Sali, Carsamba, Persembe, Cuma, Cumartesi"
                             when 128 then "Pazartesi, Sali, Carsamba, Persembe, Cuma, Cumartesi, Pazar"
                      END workdays
 ,case when metauser.passwordexpirationtype is not null then
                        case when 0 then "Her Zaman"
                             when 1 then "Ayda 1"
                             when 2 then "3 Ayda 1"
                             when 3 then "6 Ayda 1" END
                      END passwordexpirationtype
 FROM `ErpPixelizma` metauser 
 LEFT JOIN `ErpPixelizma` erpemployee ON KEYS metauser.employee_id 
 LEFT JOIN `ErpPixelizma` erpdepartment ON KEYS metauser.department_id 
 metauser.type = "MetaUser" 
 ORDER BY metauser.usercode  ASC , metauser.username  ASC LIMIT 100


    "code": 12008,
    "msg": "Error performing bulk get operation  - cause: {1 errors, starting with WSARecv tcp An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.}"

Sounds like an underlying network or host issue.

i am also tying same query in PostgraSql and MsSql server but everything is done.

you think, Which case my server throwing this issue ? or should i change my query because i have just came from RMDBS to noSql db


Hard to say. Any thoughts @prasad?

hi @erkin.isci,
doesn’t look like a query issue. Can you check your cluster/network sanity. Try to restart the box etc. Can you provide details about your cluster, sample doc, and exact couchbase version.
Also, check error logs for any errors/warnings. Is it flaky behavior, or consistently reproducible?

@geraldss, can we enable additional logging/tracing to capture more details around the code throwing this error? thanks.

@prasad, yes we have the logging enabled for DEBUG and TRACE log levels.

Hi again,

My server version is Enterprise Edition 5.0.0-2194 build 2194

I checked all files in Log directory of Couchbase but i have not seen Error Log.

My computer has Core2Duo processor. So It can be repeat because of this ? (2.5 KB)

Are you using a developer build? 5.0?

yes i installed that but before i had a stable version. But if you want i can go stable version again. or If you wanna check the machine for see the problem, i can give you access control. I am using some development machine so i can share with you to see the problem :slight_smile:

Dev build is fine. If you are not seeing the issue any more, then all good.

Sorry i think, i could not tell :frowning: problem is persisting.