Error opening the link for loading couchmusic document

I am working on CB130j: Couchbase Associate Java Developer Certification With Capella Course and when I am trying to download the couchmusic data files to my desktop using the link given -, I am getting the below error

NoSuchKey The specified key does not exist. / BXWV0ZPCH4G5TZNH nKJJMt7X4Lp+Ahre3pQW0Ju1caUfc3zKINsGsw9dnyKESDefIqAPxcV4hgD6lJAm5frWr/7c5MY=

I tried multiple times and restarted the laptop but still could not resolve the issue

The link that you had accidentally has two slashes before ‘COUCHMUSIC’ .

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Great. Thank you for your quick response.I am able to download the docs. :slight_smile:

It would be better if you can update the path given in the course material.

Hello Ejaz,

Thanks for reporting this. Could you please let me know where the link was in the course materials? Or was it in the Resources pages? I just want to make sure that we update the link, so no one else runs into this problem.

Thanks in advance!

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