Corrupted key?

I can’t delete a document, after probably using a corrupted key like so:
cmd.v.v0.nkey = 5;
instead of using the sizeof key

clicking delete through the web interface:

{‘EXIT’, {function_clause, [{capi_crud,handle_mutation_rv, [{mc_header,4,1,0,0,0,9,0}, {mc_entry,<<>>,<<>>,0,0,0,<<“Not found”>>,0}]}, {rpc,local_call,3}, {capi_frontend,attempt,6}, {capi_frontend,update_doc,3}, {couch_httpd_db,update_doc,5}, {request_throttler,do_request,3}, {couch_httpd,handle_request,6}, {menelaus_web,loop_inner,5}]}}
Warning – Are you sure you want to remove this Document?

I do not understand what you mean by “corrupted key”? can you give more detail?

Do you see the key in the Couchbase administration console?
Can you access the document using a Telnet connection?

Maybe you can delete the document using one of these solutions?


Any news on this?

I have the same problem.
error happened after I flushed the bucket data.
I can see it in the admin panel, but cant access it.
it also wont update, like normal delete.
tried restarting the server did not helped.


I encounter same issue, when set some key( not set this key before) in console, console told

{'EXIT', {function_clause, [{capi_crud,handle_mutation_rv, [{mc_header,1,134,0,0,0,17,0}, {mc_entry,<<>>,<<>>,0,0,0,<<"Temporary failure">>,0}]}, {rpc,'-handle_call_call/6-fun-0-',5}]}}

How can I find more info for this issue?

BTW: Version: 2.2.0 enterprise edition (build-837)