ERROR: Not allowed on this version of cluster- while creating scope and collections

Hi Everyone,

I am using couchbase server 6.5 version, after creating bucket I have tried to create a scope and bucket on this version using REST API, curl command , CLI commands getting below error

ERROR: Not allowed on this version of cluster

Even I tried to call a GET method to check any default collections


give the same error. Please help me to fix this issue

Hello @sreerajpaliyath,

Welcome to the Couchbase forum. Collections & Scope are in developer preview in Couchbase Server 6.5.0. To make use of these features the cluster has to be put into developer preview mode.

I recommend reading over both the links above before enabling developer preview and using Collections so you understand the limitations in Couchbase Server 6.5.0.

Thanks pvarley. Good information.

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