Cannot create indexes in developer preview mode after collection added

I’m running Couchbase Server 6.5 EE in developer preview mode to play around with collections. If there are no collections defined on the bucket, everything works just fine; however, if there are, whenever I try to build primary or secondary indexes from either cbq or the web interface, it times out with the index progress stuck at Building 100%

Am I doing something wrong or is this the understood behavior in developer preview mode?

@kralphs, As of 6.5 release, global secondary indexing does not support collections

@varun.velamuri It will build them whenever documents are in the default collection though so it’s not like GSI is completely unaware of them, right? If the presence of other collections completely breaks GSI (which seems ridiculous to me that it can’t just ignore the other collections) that really should be noted in the SDK documentation.


If you enable the developer preview and create an index on a bucket which has no named collections defined, the index should be build with out any problem.

This problem happens only after a named collection (i.e. a non-default collection) is created. We will try to address this issue through MB-37518 (or) update the documentation accordingly.