Error installing couchbase community server in windows 7

I’m using windows 7 ,32 bit system with intel i5 (4 core) processor and 4GB ram. I downloaded couchbase community server (32bit for windows) exe file - couchbase-server-community_3.0.1-windows_x86 and tried installing it. But it gives me following error during installation

  • Installing a 32-bit version of this software on a 64-bit platform is not allowed. Please install the 64-bit version of this software

Even though my machine is 32 bit , I still tried downloading 64 bit couchbase sever (couchbase-server-community_3.0.1-windows_amd64.exe) and when installing this I get this error - “Error: -1633 This installation package is not supported by this processor type.Contact your product vendor”.

Have i missed anything ? Appreciate any help.

I reported the issue as a bug :
In the meantime, could you get a 64 bit OS to try things out or is that not possible?