Download Issue for i386


i am trying to download couch base enterprise edition for Ubuntu and for some reason i always get the AMD version no matter what OS i select like couchbase-server-enterprise_4.6.1-ubuntu14.04_amd64.deb
Any idea where i can get an I386 version of this file


@aponnath i386 is a 32-bit architecture. As our supported platforms page states, all supported operating systems are 64-bits, Couchbase no longer produces nor supports 32-bit architectures.

Why is it that you specifically need an i386 installer?

Hello @aponnath,

First of all, thank you for your feedback!

Although our package names have “AMD” in them, that does not mean they will not work on x86 architecture. @matt.carabine has correctly indicated that we do not offer installers for 32-bit platforms.

Thank you,
Don Pinto
Couchbase Server PM

Yeah, learned this the hard way as in the Microsoft world they talk about x86 and 64 so i was looking for the equal on that side for linux. After some reading i found the reason for the amd64 naming convention.