Error in the doc regarding max "XDCR Optimistic Replication Threshold"?

Is this me or there could be an error in the documentation regarding the max size in Bytes the XDCR Optimistic Replication Threshold can be ?

The Doc states :

"XDCR Optimistic Replication Threshold. This will improve latency for XDCR.

This is document size in bytes. 0 to 2097152 Bytes (20MB). Default is 256 Bytes. XDCR will get metadata for documents larger than this size on a single time before replicating the document to a destination cluster. For background information, see ‘Optimistic Replication’ in XDCR"

2097152 Bytes = 2MB
20971520 Bytes = 20MB

What is the real Max ?
2MB or 20 MB ?



Hello Xavier,

The max value is 20MB, you found a typo in the documentation that is now captured here: