Error in creating primary index on couchbase bucket

Below query not working for me.

create primary index on default using gsi;

Getting the error message as shown in below image.

Can someone help me out ?

Do you also have an Index service enabled on one of the nodes? Can you post a screenshot from the Server Nodes page? Note that GSI is the default, so you can omit that “USING GSI” safely :slight_smile:

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Hi dashl,
screenshot of server node page…!
and Thank you for the suggestion, I will omit the “USING GSI” :relaxed:

could you share the indexer.log from /opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/logs? - I suspect there a problem with starting the indexer in your system.

Hi @cihangirb, ThanQ. :slight_smile:
Find the indexer.log inside the zip file…! (2.0 MB)