[Error] GetVBmap() failed: vbmap: Invalid KV node no -1 for vb 32

After removing a node from the cluster of 2 nodes, the remaining node does not work anymore.
The indexer keeps posting the following: [Error] GetVBmap() failed: vbmap: Invalid KV node no -1 for vb 32
I can’t find any documentation about this error so please advice on how resolve this issue.
The node did function perfectly before and after a second node was added to the cluster.
I’m running CouchBase Community 6.0 on macOS.

Hi @edumos
The error seen in indexer log indicates that there is some error when indexer tries to fetch KV bucket sequence numbers. Usually this happens when the bucket is not ready. You may find the bucket name in subsequent logs. This error is retried for a max of 10 times and typically the situation should be fixed after a few retries. Can you please provide below information?

  • What services were running on the node that was removed from the 2-node cluster?
  • Do you see indexer restarting in the indexer log after max number of retries after error “vbmap: Invalid KV node” ? If yes, do you continue to see the same error even after the restart?
  • Did you rebalance the cluster after removing the node?