Backup and restore with LVM snapshots


We are trying to use backed up LVM snapshots to restore a multi-node Couchbase cluster quickly in the case of a complete disaster. I was hoping it was a sufficient to restore the snapshot on each node and point Couchbase at the data. However, it appears I must have missed a step or two. When we re-create our buckets (is this to be expected/required?), our indices do not exist and we can not query any data. Re-creating an index results in errors like “Err vbmap: Invalid KV node no -1 for vb 342”. I feel I missed something fundamental/obvious, but have been unable to stumble upon a solution through the documentation or forums. Does anybody have any guidance on restoring from a snapshot as opposed to using the backup tooling?

We understand the snapshot might not be completely consistent, but feel ok with this approach given our use-case (infrequent writes).


I am in same situtaion. Were you able top resolve your issue ? Please advice if you have found solution for this.