Error during a long cbimport

Hi! I am testing the couchbase 5.0 beta 2 on an ubuntu 16.04, trying to load a huge json file (4bill+ records) using cbimport. After ~70m records I got an error:

2017-09-16T17:43:09.070+02:00 ERROR: Key not found. – couchbase.(*Callbacks).handleError() at callbacks.go:118
2017-09-16T17:43:09.133+02:00 ERROR: The sink is closed – jsondata.(*Parallelizer).Execute.func1() at source.go:187
The last error row is being repeated forever.

The command line is the following:
/opt/couchbase/bin/cbimport json --bucket --dataset <input_json> --format lines --username --password

--threads 3 --cluster -g %id% -l

Any ideas?:slight_smile:
Thank you,