Cbimport doesn't work correctly with --generate-key

Hi, I’ve got a problem with cbimport from Couchbase 7.1 version on Mac. My colleague uses 6.5.0 version on Windows import with the same options works fine for him. The problematic part is: entity::%_id.$oid%
For some reason it doesn’t work for me. The error is:

ERRO: Failed to import document 10632: key generation for document failed, resulting field is a JSON array/object -- jsondata.(*Source).handleError() at source.go:425

cbimport request:
/Applications/Couchbase\ Server.app/Contents/Resources/couchbase-core/bin/cbimport json -u Administrator -p Administrator -b bucket -d file://entity.json --scope-collection-exp _default.entity_temp --generate-key entity::%_id.$oid% -f list -c

Source json:

  "_id": {
    "$oid": "11111"

@maksymfedosov I’m not an expert in this area but from the documentation it sounds like the % delimiter syntax should be


instead of


Also, the Linux shell might be trying to interpret $oid as an environment variable reference on a Mac, whereas on Windows environment variables are themselves referenced as %var% – so many complications here! So maybe you need to \ escape the $, like


This just has the feel of the shell meddling with interpretation of all the weirdness in this argument.

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Thank you Kevin, your hint has a right direction. I turned out that for zsh on Mac we should use %% instead of %, so it works this way: %%_id.$oid%%
Thank you for help)

@maksymfedosov Glad my guesses were close enough to the ballpark for you to find the correct fix.

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