Error code 1050 No scan_vector value

Using server 5.0 and latest .net sdk.

I have the following query request:

    IQueryRequest queryRequest = new QueryRequest()
    .Statement("SELECT * FROM `Features` WHERE META(`Features`).id LIKE 

when this is run against a single node which is used by an API, the API’s performance is good (5000 + requests/second). However, when I run it against a 3 node cluster I get error code:

1050: No scan_vector value

when I remove the ‘ScanConsistency()’ from the query request it works but the the API’s performance that is using it is very low (100 requests/second). Is there something else I have to do with consistency for a multiple node cluster?

Hi @kevin.dawson,

Unless something changed recently, that’s not the correct way to use AtPlus. Check out this blog post for an example of the correct way:

However, I’m puzzled by the fact that it works on a single node but not a multi-node.