N1QLQuery ScanConsistency and N1QlQuery.fromString Issue

Another issue i am facing is the N1qlQuery. in 2.x i was able to create a query from string which should look like this based on the new cluster change. When doing so i now get "Cannot read Property ‘fromString’ of undefined"
Has this also been moved or even removed ? How

const N1qlQuery = couchbase.N1qlQuery

let statement = N1QLQuery.fromString(queryStr)
var result = await cluster.query(statement, id)

based on the cluster.js there is now an option for scanConsistency but there is no info what the possible values are

var result = await cluster.query(queryStr,id , {scanConsistency : RequestPlus})

the above gets me the folowing error ReferenceError: RequestPlus is not defined

So the questions are
a) how do i set the scanConsistency to Request Plus
b) Is N1qlQuery still avail and if not is there another option to build query from string ?