Endless loading with console

I installed couchbase (fress installation) with AKS cluster using all yaml from official site.
There is everything looks fine and works as expected when I try to login to console using simply forwarding 8091 port to localhost.(http://localhost:8091)
When I create ingress controller or loadbalancer somethign goes wrong: I can access to console, see the Web interface. I try to login with wrong creds I see error message(login failed. Please try again)

But when I try to login with right creds(Administrator and password) I see endless loading page without any changes, errors, etc.
I used example from official couchbase site without any changes. Also I can’t find anything in logs inside AKS cluster(or I don’t know where I can find some relevant info)

Did anybody faced with the same behavior?

When configuring ingress, you’ll need to use client session affinity