Encountering issues when I migrated code from Couchbase SDK 2.0 to 3.0

We have recently encountered issue when we were trying to modify the code to connect using secure port. This required us to use the certificates and connect. The current codebase is using Couchbase SDK 2.0 and this requires the cert to be in .JKS format, whereas we have it in .pem format.

It appears that SDK 2.0 has reached end of life and will not be supported. So, we are migrating the service to use Coucbase SDK 3.0. In the process we are encountering this error:

Note: This is occurring in the CouchbaseConfiguration class that extends AbstractCouchbaseConfiguration

The dependency hierarchy is as follows:

<couchbase-client.version >3.3.4</couchbase-client.version >

core-io: 2.3.4
spring-data-couchbase: 4.4.10 [omitted for conflict with 4.0.0.RELEASE]

I changed the spring-data-couchbase version to 4.4.10, I see this error:

CouchbasePagingAndSortingRepository cannot be resolved to a type

Appreciate your help.

interface CouchbaseRepository<T, ID> extends PagingAndSortingRepository<T, ID>, CrudRepository<T, ID> {

Also see Spring Data JPA - Reference Documentation

Btw - when using spring-data-couchbase, it’s better to just only be specify the version for spring-boot-starter-parent.


org.springframework.boot spring-boot-starter-data-couchbase . . .

Thanks @mreiche for your response. Could you please suggest/recommend which version we should be considering, based on the above task that we are performing of migration?

If you could share the maven dependency.

You can check spring initialzr for the latest versions. It shows 3.0.5.
Or 2.7.10 for Spring Boot 2.


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