Does performing a cbbackup on a node bring up the resident %?

I am trying to increase my resident ratio, I have enough memory to have a 100% of resident items.
Will cbbackup work? Any other approach?

The cbbackup does not effect any type of garbage collection at all. Its pretty much a backup of current data set.
Common Way

  1. add more nodes
  2. decrease the data set i.e.( delete documents).

There is some what of a “trick” of decreasing your low water mark so it ejects all the replica from memory and just have active data in memory only,but in practice its not a good solution.

  1. the water mark needs content adjustment as new documents are added or removed.
  2. if you lose a node then:
    2a. Your replica reads are from 100% disk calls.
    2b. After rebalance a % of your active working set is being fetched from disk.