Does couchbase supports Fallback?

I could find upgrade guide for couchbase server, but couldnt find guide for fallback . Does couchbase supports fallback to previous version if there is any issues found in upgrade ? if so any guides to do the same

Hello @Senthil1987

Thank you for using Couchbase. There’s a section in the documentation about downgrades.

Once an upgrade of a Couchbase-Server cluster has started, downgrade to the earlier version of Couchbase Server can be performed, provided that one node continues to run the earlier version. However, once all nodes are running the later version, downgrade can no longer be performed: therefore, once all nodes are running the later version, should application-support require the earlier version, an entirely new cluster must be created, running the earlier version.

Ian McCloy (Principal Product Manager, Couchbase)

Thanks Ian, this really helps