Does Couchbase Community Edition 4.6.0 compatible with Windows Server 2016 OS?


Please let me know whether Couchbase Community Edition is working fine on Windows Server 2016 Operating System.

Cause I have installed Couchbase, but it throwing errors while creating Primary Index and creating any documents.

Please respond ASAP.


I don’t think we support Server 2016 at all for 4.6, based on this compatibility matrix:

Which errors are you getting?


Thanks for the information Michael.

And I am getting the below errors,

  1. When I click on Documents button in Data Bucket.

  2. While I am trying to create a Primary Index,

And getting a warning message in Overview as below,
Fail Over Warning: At least two servers with the data service are required to provide replication!


Well, two things here. First, it could be a firewall problem because both errors show that our cluster manager is not able to connect to processes its normally spawning (so a firewall could prevent access).

The other thing as pointed out is that 4.6 does not support Windows Server 2016, but our April Developer build of Server 5.0 does - see