Couchbase server in MS Azure VM with Windows Server 2016 issue


I’ve got a problem after Couchbase 6.0 Enterprise install in MS Azure VM with Windows Server 2016. It consumes too much of CPU, up to 100% when my web app in Visual Studio 2017 is running.
That’s not a RAM space lack issue, I have 16 GB up there.

Please, give me some advice on what might be wrong with my Couchbase.

Thank you.


Hi Sergey,

Would you be able to provide some more details about your environment like :

  1. Output from Windows task manager
  2. Details about the setup of Couchbase - how many buckets, how many documents, what services were installed, etc.
  3. What kind of operations were ongoing with Couchbase at the time of high CPU usage.

Mihir Kamdar
Couchbase QE Team