Documents in ephemeral type bucket gets deleted automatically

Hi Team,

I have obersved an strange behaviour with couchbase server EE 6.6.3.

  1. Taken backup of CB cluster 6.0.4 using cbbackupmgr. At time of backup Ephemeral type bucket name transaction has 832 document.

  2. When backup restore on CB cluster EE 6.6.3 using cbbackupmgr it restore all 832 document as per below message.

Restore bucket ‘transaction’ succeeded
Mutations restored: 832, Mutations failed to restore: 0
Deletions restored: 5, Deletions failed to restore: 0
Skipped due to purge number or conflict resolution: Mutations: 0 Deletions: 0

on web GUI also we were able to see the 832 doc restore but after few minute the document gets deleted to 404

I tried to see any deletion message in log but no such log message found in Couchbase logs.

Sameer Malve

Is this the expected behavior ? or i am i missing some setting while creating the Ephemeral bucket?