Loss of 150k document from bucket

We are using couchbase 4.6.0-3573 Enterprise Edition (build-3573). We have three nodes containing 5 buckets. Last evening, we were running maintenance and turned off internet switch for a period of 10 minutes or so. This made the node lose contact to each other. The logs we got at that point are following

  • Haven’t heard from a higher priority node or a master, so I’m taking over.
  • (Nodes are not being able to see each other
  • Enabled auto-failover with timeout 45)
  • Could not auto failover node
  • (Then the nodes saw other nodes coming back up)
  • Shutting down bucket (all the 5 buckets) for deletion

Then the worst thing happened and 150k document got deleted from just one bucket. Other 4 were fine.

Has anyone seen anything like this happen before or lost their data from a bucket like that? Can this be a bug on the version we are using?

We have no idea why this happened and documents got deleted. I will really appreciate any help.

Thank you


Hi Shahed,

Just to note (as you mention you’re running the Enterprise Edition) if you’re an Enterprise Customer it would be best to raise this through our Support Portal so that we can follow up with you.



Hi, Thank you for your reply. As we are using an older version, I dont think we will get support. But I will raise a support ticket none the less.

Thank you