DocumentDoesNotExistException on n1q1 4.5

Just tried to restore our data to a brand new 4.5 EE version. Using n1ql, I retrieved a document, but when I try to get the document by simple get operation using the key, the following Exception is thrown:

I’ve tried searching the document at the Couchbase Console, but I got this:

Couldn’t find any special log in the “Log” tab, nor the system logs.

no response? I don’t expect some of my data will be lost after I restore to the so called “latest stable” version…

could you share the command you used to backup and restore with the versions you backup from as well?

the backup command is simply:
cbbackup /tmp/backup -u [name] -p [password]

I tried backup from 3.0.1 and 4.5DeveloperPreview, both have the same problem. But the data was ok for 4.5DeveloperPreview.

I observed that the data that will end up with this error all have values of Integer (from JAVA SDK). However, not all integer data have this problem.