Documentation of Travel-Sample app not found


I am trying to learning and understanding Couchbase and try following the guideline from

two weeks ago and I found the link becomes invalid today. The link now redirect to Developer Portal | Couchbase and cannot found related to travel-sample app anymore. Where I can get the information? Because I haven’t finish the setup previously.

Hi, apologies for the delay here…we launched a new developer portal and looks like some of the links got redirected. I will follow up and find this one for you

Hi Chris,
We’re looking into getting this published again on the site.

In the meantime, you can still view the documentation on Github, which provides useful previews for most pages:


(that’s for android, navigate to the appropriate directory to find other platforms, or let me know details if you are having any trouble finding it)

Developer docs

and the other pages in that directory may be useful

Also mobile-travel-sample/content/modules/mobile-travel-tutorial/pages/android/design/data-modeling.adoc at master · couchbaselabs/mobile-travel-sample · GitHub on the data modeling.

Hope that’s a useful workaround for the time being.