Test sample document using sync gateway


I have setup Couchbase server and sync gateway. I want to test data synchronization from mobile app. But, before doing that, i want to quickly test creating a document and make sure it works using below CB setup url. Is there any easy way (like Postman) that i can check this, before testing through actual mobile app? Or Must I have to develop iOS/Android mobile app and test this?
admin url: http://localhost:4985/_admin ; database: “testcreation1”
public url: http://localhost:4984

please guide.

You can certainly do this using the Sync Gateway REST API

Thank you, it helps.

I am trying to create document though POST api with below details in Postman. Why I am not able to create document and getting the proper response?

POST : http://localhost:4984/mytestdb


“id”: “1234”,
“rev”: “4321”,
“ok”: true

Response says:

“committed_update_seq”: 12,
“compact_running”: false,
“db_name”: “mytestdb”,
“disk_format_version”: 0,


For post the value you need is _id not id (rev should also be _rev but that is optional and it’s better to leave blank). Not sure why that is missing from the docs…the response you are getting is the standard response for a GET on the same endpoint. So either you did a GET by mistake, or the lack of correct information in the POST resulted in a GET response.

As far as samples, they are all listed on our tutorials page

Thanks. It is working now.

I changed to,

“_id”: “1234”,
“ok”: true