Document Synced to the server only from the first Device sync it the Server

We have an app that have a server replication and peer replications , we notice that the document only Synced with the server only from the Device who make the first Sync to the Server .

Hi @AmrAbedal . I’m going to need a whole lot more information to be any kind of useful, here. What devices are you using? What version of CouchbaseLite are you using? Can you be a bit more specific about what you mean by “peer and server replication”?

Hi @blake.meike ,
we are using CouchbaseLiteSwift version “3.0.2” ,
Iphone 13 devices ,
iOS 16.1
we are making PUSHANDPUALL replication to the server and PUSH only replication between devices .

Can you enable logs and see if there are any error messages printed?
If you are an enterprise customer, you could open a support ticket and get dedicated help.