Document size optimization


I know about 4.5’s subdoc API, but the question is not about that. For example, if i have a doc like this (fields are in bytes, not chars):

    "relatively_often_changed_field_from_10_to_1000_bytes": "0123456789"
    "rarely_changed_1000_bytes_field_1": "...  base64 ..."
    "rarely_changed_1000_bytes_field_2": "...  base64 ..."


does it make sense (in term of CPU / memory usage optimization for CB-servers and assuming only KV-interaction) to try to size-align such documents by introducing “padding” field and making resulting (changed) document aligned to “max possible size” ?

Hi @egrep, I am not sure I understand your question fully. why do you expect the padding to help at all? could you expand a little more?

seems like my assumption is just wrong.