Document not found Ottomann

I have tried Ottomann but I get document not found error, why ?

const ottoman = new Ottoman({scopeName: 'sf_scope'});

await ottoman.connect({
  connectionString: 'couchbases://cbxxxxcmxxxx',
  bucketName: 'sf_bucket',
  username: 'xxxx',
  password: 'xxxx'

await ottoman.start();

const ProductsSchema = new Schema({
  click: String

const Products = ottoman.model('products', ProductsSchema);

app.get('/', async(req, res) => {
  try {
    const products = await Products.findById('product1')


  } catch(e) {


[DocumentNotFoundError: document not found] { 
  cause: [Error: document_not_found (101)] {  
    ctxtype: 'key_value',
    code: 101,
    id: 'products::product1',
    opaque: 12,
    cas: Cas<0>,
    status_code: 1,
    enhanced_error_info: undefined,
    last_dispatched_to: '', 
    last_dispatched_from: '',
    retry_attempts: 0,
    retry_reasons: []

Well, in the error message it says : id: ‘products::product1’
And in the document it shows “id”:“product1”

So you’ll need to refer to the Ottoman documention to find out what ottoman uses for the id.

Ok - the first example shows But I don’t see in your code. So it looks like you are inserting a ‘product1’ document outside of Ottoman. And when you try to read it inside of Ottoman, it was not saved with the id that Ottoman would use.

it is there I created on the shell

You created it in the shell with the wrong id.

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