Django deployment with couchbase SDK in AWS lamda

I’m attempting to deploy the Django app with the Couchbase package in AWS Lambda and API Gateway using Zappa. My Python version is 3.10, and the Couchbase version is 4.0.0. I encountered the following error.

No module named ‘couchbase.pycbc_core’
[1716534828233] [DEBUG] 2024-05-24T07:13:48.233Z 7d4dd6e6-0a78-47a3-818c-e76ef7c9323d Zappa Event: {‘time’: ‘2024-05-24T07:13:37Z’, ‘detail-type’: ‘Scheduled Event’, ‘source’: ‘’,

Do you have the Couchbase Python SDK installed?

Which instructions are you following?

Yes. Couchbase python SDK is installed.
I’m following ‘Core Django Setup - Guide to using Django with Zappa

Hmmm… I don’t see anything about couchbase in there. But you will definitely need the Couchbase Python SDK for an application that is going to use it. I’ll find someone to help.

I reached out here, nobody has done anything with Zappa. I suggest reaching out to the author of that article Core Django Setup - Guide to using Django with Zappa