Disable access scanner in 3.0.1

I could not find a way to disable the access scanner process in couchbase server 3.0.1 Community Edition.
I read somewhere that there is a flush_param that allow to do it but not in this version.

I need to disable it because it is killing the performance during the process. The latency increases a lot.
Or another solution could be to change some other configuration that makes the process less heavy.


The ability to enable/disable the access scanner in 3.0.1 was added with this patch which also details the syntax and process for doing so via cbepctl (located in the /opt/couchbase/bin folder).

Is it possible to apply this patch without downtime?
Thanks in advance.

Sure, you’ll just need to perform a swap-rebalance upgrade to at least 3.0.2 (see the manual for details of this). Once you’re on a version which includes the fix, you can adjust the setting via cbecptl.