Different hit ratio of two nodes in a Couchbase bucket

Hello community,

I recently applied the community version 2.0.1 of Couchbase to my service and realized that the hit ratio(get_hits/cmd_get) of two nodes in the same Couchbase bucket is way different from each other by using cbstats in each node. Not only that, there is also huge gap in the cmd_get of them. The curr_items of them is almost same though. Does anyone know or guess what’s wrong with this?

For your information, the physical servers that each node is running on are exactly same in specification, and the version of Couchbase Java client is 1.1.9, which is the latest one, and node1 joined the bucket first and node2 second.

cmd_get: 6610
cmd_set: 2824
curr_items: 1286
get_hits: 4038
get_misses: 2572
hit_ratio(%): 61.09
cmd_get: 2605
cmd_set: 2546
curr_items: 1237
get_hits: 127
get_misses: 2478
hit_ratio(%): 4.88

From a document/key point of view your cluster looks like it is well balanced. May be your application are using most of the time the same keys that “unfortunately” are located on the node2.

Do you access always the same keys?