"Cache miss" vs "Cache hit" ratio in statistics page

we are starting to transition from memcached buckets to couchbase buckets for our data caches.

As a system administrator (with limited visibility into the applications), with memcached buckets I used to look at the “Hit ratio” counter to get an idea of how well the system was performing as a cache.
With CB-type buckets, the “Cache miss ratio” counters display something entirely different.

Is there any way to get a counter that shows how many get requests went unfulfilled because the requested object was not present or expired (what memcached would call a ‘miss’)? Doing this client-side is rather cumbersome when you have a few hundred client nodes.

I saw an old post on this subject, I’m hoping something changed since.


There’s no stat in the UI, but if you look at the command-line stats (via cbstats all you’ll see two stats - get_hits and get_misses which are the accumulated number of GET requests where a document was found or not found.

There’s also similar stats for set and delete.

Thanks for your reply, I didn’t see that.

It’s quite useful, the counter can be reset via the ‘cbstats reset’ command.

Thanks again.