Descending=true not working if limit is set when querying view with REST API

If I query curl -vX GET
It works, I get all "messages"
curl -vX GET
It works , I get all messages in reverse order (the key is a timestamp)
But if I curl -vX GET, descending is not working. I get the five first “messages” like without descending=true…
And if I curl -vX GET, I get all the “messages” like without “limit=5”…

Is this normal ???

What platform / version?

VERSION.txt says 1.3.0-274 for the gateway.
Installed on a Google compute engine Debian GNU/Linux 8

Definitely sounds like a bug; please file an issue against couchbase/sync_gateway on Github. Thanks.

Ok, I’ll post this issue. But did you reproduce this issue with same version ?