Deleting many documents takes too long

Hello when I try to delete documents it takes too long. My function at first find the documents by few properties which takes just 3-4 seconds bet when im trying to delete it its like 60-80 seconds. Is there any solution for that ?

I noticed when performing performance test the duration has increasing behavior. The first attempt is like 12 seconds which is acceptable but last one(10th) is 500 seconds. Same number of files same database just in sequence

For 2k files its 2 seconds for all attempts

Can you give us a hint about what your environment looks like? What kind of device is this happening on? Are you using a Couchbase product? Which one? What version?

Yep its couchbase lite 3.0 and im just testing the functions and measuring performance on simulator. The function is removing like 17k documents from database. But it takes too long i tried to remove indexes but it seems like its the same.

We have 5 different products: C, Obj-C, Swift, C#, and Java. Perhaps you could say which one you are using? It would also help if you could be quite a bit more specific about what you mean by “simulator”: simulation what, running on what.