Delete incorrect config using sync gateway 3 on macOS

As I am trying to figure out Sync Gateway 3, I’ve initiated it using a legacy config with an invalid database / cluster name. The config was automatically converted to be the new version, the database names etc deleted from the .json file.

Now, every time I start the sync gateway, it gives lots of errors. I would like to delete the persisted info in v3. Where are they stored so I can delete them please?

Just to be clear, I am NOT trying to delete the json config file, legacy or otherwise. I am however, trying to delete the stored db and bucket names when v3 was ran using the legacy config json file.

I am using macOS Monterey.

Thank you,

Can you show what errors you’re getting? I should be able to help you move forwards with using v3 configs

Nevertheless, you’ll find the v3 databases configs in the Couchbase bucket associated with the database under the document key: _sync:dbconfig:default

Thank you @bbrks for the quick reply.

Also big thank you for _sync:dbconfig:default was going crazy to find the relevant info.

Before, I dig you in deeper, can you please confirm (or deny) that Sync Gateway works with Capella? I can connect but can’t seem to fetch the DBs, either get 403 or if I get around that, I get db not found.

Being a front-end oriented (solo) engineer, maintaining both the gateway and the couchbase servers is something I’d like to avoid if I can.

In the mean time, I’ll try and see if I can get the sync gateway to talk to capella or to a local couchbase instance.

Thanks again,