DB and Sync Support for byte arrays

Hello All, very new to this, actually just found it a few hours ago so any help is appreciated. I have a mobile app, written with Xamarin/C#. I was using SQLite but I am interested in switching to this because I need to sync the mobile data with a server.

The issue is, one of my fields is a byte array. Does this framework, along with the sync, support a byte array? How would I do that?

To paint a picture, I have used the Xamarin component “Signature Pad” to capture a signature. This would be similar to a POS application. I need the signature to be stored in the database and then sent to the main server. I already have the code working to take the signature image and convert it to a byte array and store that in the DB. The byte array is averaging around 4kb for an average signature. This way, on the server side, I can simple convert the byte array back to an image.

Can somebody please give some guidance or example of how I might leverage this framework to store and sync this?



The functionality you are looking for is a core part of Couchbase Lite called Attachments.