Database Strategies for Better Mobile and IoT Apps - Learn why REST won't cut it anymore

Your users expect your app to deliver real-time responsiveness, 24x7 uptime, and security wherever they are – even if that’s on a subway, an airplane, or anywhere else with an unreliable connection. But if you’re using REST APIs in the cloud, then your app is dependent on the internet, and fast access to data can be a challenge. In this webcast, we’ll give you a live demo of an app powered by a mobile database and help you sort through the best options for meeting your speed and availability requirements in the cloud. You’ll learn:

  • How to enable and handle data persistence on a mobile device
  • Why local data storage, data sync, and conflict resolution are essential
  • What to look for in an intuitive query API, including SQL support
  • The importance of full-text search and flexible data models
  • How an off-the-shelf solution accelerates app development

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NOTE This webinar will happen 3 times at timezone friendly times.