Custom installation folder issues

I was testing performing an install with custom directory, using the following command:
rpm --install --relocate /opt/couchbase=/opt/OTHER_PATH/couchbase couchbase-server-*.rpm
(NOTE: using --prefix=… was not successful since the package is not relocatable).

The node started up OK and was associated in a cluster with another node.
However, the indexer didn’t start properly and was constantly been reinitiated. Indexer.log included the following:
“panic: mkdir /opt/new_path: permission denied”

Problem seems to be related with the installation folder having uppercase characters.

So, from what I’ve gathered, trying to install couchbase into a different folder (including uppercase letters) is not a trivial matter. Can anyone confirm this or give advice regarding this specific scenario?

Hey @rxcorreia,

Using --relocate is not correct process as noted by the error message. The correct way to do an install into a custom folder is covered in the install guide.
Please note that this is not recommended for production environments.


Thanks @pvarley, followed that install guide and everything went smoothly, except for a missing TAR file related with pysqlite2. Created it manually and success ensued!