Culster set up using docker

hello every one
i need to set up 3 clusters i had used docker to create three nodes using command
docker run -d --name db2 -p 9091-9096:8091-8096 -p 12210-12211:11210-11211 couchbase
docker run -d --name db3 -p 7091-7096:8091-8096 -p 13210-13211:11210-11211 couchbase
docker run -d --name db -p 8091-8096:8091-8096 -p 11210-11211:11210-11211 couchbase

it give me

using if config in cli for db1 and db2 and db3

when i begin to join cluster to it give me error

Attention: Adding nodes to not provisioned nodes is not allowed.

i have another question docker give me that error after installing image , i had installed couchbase on my machine

what is wrong with my steps

another question i need to run analytical services and make join queries what is the best node number should i configure for every services
can anyone help me

If you’re running something else on a port then docker (or any other application) cannot use that port - this is what the second error is. I’m guessing CB server is running and using port 8095 already so you cannot map to it.

For the first error, have you set up your initial cluster? The first node has to create it then the rest have to join.

do you mean with the intial cluster the first created with docker

One of the nodes has to create the cluster, the rest join.