Mutinode local cluster

does there is any method to creatr muti node in local cluster

my local cluster : 8091
i had create node using docker using
docker run -d --name dbx -p 9091-9094:8091-8094 couchbase
created node addres is

when try to add it using add server button it give me that error

when i try ti join the cluster it give me

can any one help me what is wrong with importing code

This looks to be a networking issue. Are you running all the nodes as containers?
If there is a native deployment you’re joining to then you need to ensure the networking from the docker bridge network (or whatever network you are using for the containers) can talk to it.

There is an example of running multi-cluster container nodes on a single host here:

If they are all running as containers then I’d expect them all to be able to talk to each other locally.

the first node 127.0,o,1 is not container i create it locally with couch the use docker to craete another node which is container node how can i ensure the networking from the docker bridge network talk to local node

i had read documentation and i can perform node addition when all nodes are container but i the problem when the first intial node is local

thanks alot

Yeah sounds like you need to sort the networking out with your containers and host, I think it’s a general container issue although normally it is accessible but it depends on your specific configuration.

Why don’t you just run them all as containers?