Create Spark dataset using N1QL Query in Java

Can we create a Spark dataset using a N1QL Query ?

Its rather a dirty way to do in Java. I actually had to go through the Connector code to apply this hack. Also, a secondary index should exist on the key against which the query is to be made.

We specify options while loading the data from Couchbase into Spark as follows:


where options is a Java Map. Add a key namely schemaFilter and then the conditions for WHERE clause as follows:

Map<String, String> options = new TreeMap<String, String>(); options.put("bucket", "basedata"); options.put("schemaFilter", "table_name = 'Employee' AND (Employee_ID in [1000004,1000030])");

The above options evaluate to the following query getting fired by the connector internally

SELECT META(basedata).id as META_ID, basedata.* FROM basedata WHERE table_name = ‘Employee’ AND (Employee_ID in [1000004,1000030]) LIMIT 1000

Column filters can also be applied in a similar way.

There seems very little help for Java API.

@keshav_m, more Spark questions.

@neeleshkumar_mannur the docs are quite extensive on this

for the java API:

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@daschl Indeed the docs are quite extensive for Scala.

The Java API does not have a clear picture of what should be done. In fact specifying the name of the bucket using Java was also clarified in a blog post and not in the docs.

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@neeleshkumar_mannur can you please let me know which parts exactly you are missing from the java-based docs? then I’ll add them :slight_smile: