CREATE PRIMARY INDEX query in EXECUTION STATUS for long time with out any results


I just downloaded the Couchbase on my mac and trying to create the Primary Index on the beer-sample bucket but the query always in status “execution statement” with out any results.
After long time getting the error message "{
“status”: “Gateway Timeout”,
“status_detail”: “The query workbench only supports queries running for 300 seconds. Use cbq from the command-line for longer running queries. Certain DML queries, such as index creation, will continue in the background despite the user interface timeout.”
} "

Could you please help to resolve the issue. Attached the screen shot of the query.

“CREATE INDEX beer_abv ON beer-sample(abv) USING GSI;”

Note : I have also tried creating the index using CBQ, but still there is no results.


Click on the Indexes tab and see if the index is still building/complete.


There is no status on the index tab

Check your logs/installation. If the installation was successful, index tab does give you the status/etc.

You can also try executing the create index via cbq and check the status via UI/cbq.