Create primary index ... error 12005

I’ve got Couchbase V4.5 on a mac and I cannot create a primary index on any bucket.

I always get the error code 12005.

I’am trying to run the free online course CB110 - Intro to N1QL for SQL developers.

Thank you

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Can you post the exact N1QL you are running to create the primary index?

It should be something like:

CREATE PRIMARY INDEX on `travel-sample`

Also, can you verify what services are running (go to Server Nodes and look in the “Services” column)?

The instruction is exactly like that and every thing is running.

On an older machine with Windows 7 and with the community edition (4.0) it works.

In this case is a MAC with the version 4.5 it does not work.

I will try to downgrade to a lower version of the server.

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Hi Carl

Please verify that the indexer process is running:

ps -A | grep indexer

Assuming that’s good, take a look at the log and see if there are any errors.

On the Mac, your indexer log should be here:

~/Library/Application Support/Couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/logs

I’m sorry but it is working now.
It was my problem, I did not wait enough time for the services to wake-up :smile:
Very very sorry, big mistake I made …
Now I can play around with Couchbase

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