CREATE INDEX ((ALL(PAIRS(SELF))) never completes, gets stuck at 99%

I am trying to define the following index CREATE INDEX timeline_self ON Stats((all (pairs(self)))) WHERE (_type = “timeline”) for which there are about 11K documents that match the where clause.

I see the index building nicely until it hits 99% and its been sitting there for 3+ hours with no progress, no log entries or anything else to suggest what could possibly be wrong, where do I go to start debugging this?

Hi @Antek ,

Which version of Couchbase are you using? You can check for errors in indexer.log. Do you see any warnings/errors in Logs tab in Console UI? Also you can do a cbcollect from Logs -> Collect Information tab in UI and share the logs with us.


I am using Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition 6.0.0 build 1693 in AWS from your AMI images.

I deleted the index, created a new EC2 instance, added that to the cluster, deleted the node on which the index failed to create and built the index again on the new node and everything worked fine.

This behaviour does have me a little worried, if a simple swap of an EC2 instance resolves an issue like this something is not quite kosher with overall system.

@Antek, do you have logs from from before deleting the index?

Unfortunately no, I had to move forward somehow.