CREATE BUCKET syntax error

This is my first experience with couchbase. I’m trying to follow these instructions, but am getting an error:

Next, go to the “Analytics” tab. You will see a screen that looks very similar to the normal N1QL Query Workbench.
First, create an analytics bucket. This bucket will correspond to a regular Couchbase bucket. Simply enter a command like this: CREATE BUCKET ticketsAnalytics WITH {"name":"tickets"};

I modified the query to match a bucket I already have:

CREATE BUCKET gs WITH {"name":"gensim-sample"};

After executing the query in the analytics tab, I receive:

code msg query_from_user
24000 "Syntax error: In line 1 >>CREATE BUCKET gs WITH {“name”:“gensim-sample”};;<< Encountered “BUCKET” at column 8. " “CREATE BUCKET gs WITH {“name”:“gensim-sample”};”

What am I doing wrong? thanks

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The DDL (data definition language) has changed a bit since the blog post was published originally in June.
We added a note at the beginning of the blog post pointing to @hod.greeley’s post Changes to the Couchbase Analytics Service that describes the changes.
@bpiel, could you take a look at that post and see if it gets you going?

@till Thanks for the quick response! I didn’t see the note before because I read as little as possible.

After reading that post: SUCCESS!

I can’t find much in docs about what’s happening when I run the DATASET/LINK commands, or why that’s necessary. Does that exist yet?

@bpiel yes, there is some information in our docs. A good place to start might be the tutorial for the 6.0 beta version of the Analytics Service.

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